MaxSea TimeZero V4 Bottom Hardness

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Modul für DFF-3D Fischfinder

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Complete your TimeZero Professional V4 software with the TimeZero Bottom Hardness module.

TIMEZERO Bottom Hardness compatibility with third party sounders.

Bottom type is an important point when fishing. Base types generally range by base type (mud, gravel, sand or rock).

By connecting your existing depth sounder to TZ Professional, you can record not only depth (3D bathymetry charts) but also hardness!

This way you can derive the floor type!

Accurate knowledge of the most common types of bottom substrates and their relationship to fish leads not only to catching more fish, but also to better prediction of future fish movements between their cycle and season.

The new soil hardness module is required for TZ Professional v4 to accept these new NMEA0183 sets.

compatible with

  • Simrad ES70 and ES80
  • Code CVS-FX series
  • Hondex HDX-121, HE-1500Di and HE-7300Di
  • JRC JFC-130 series
  • Seascan


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